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John R Childress fishing in the Amazon

This is a Golden Dorado, a predatory fish which migrates up into the Amazon interior following the spawning Sabalo. The river is the Secure River in the Bolivian Amazon. Like much of the Amazon basin, the health of this river, the livelihood of several Indigenous tribes, and the 3.4 million acre Isiboro-Secure National Park are under constant threat from illegal logging, mining and cocaine syndicates.

Author - J R Childress

J. R. Childress is the author of several historical and eco-thriller novels. He is a retired international business executive and in the early 1970s studied marine ecology as a graduate student at Harvard University and the University of Hawaii, where he had the good fortune of learning with Professor E. O. Wilson at Harvard and Dr. Ernest Reese in Hawaii. In 1968 he spent a year at the American Uni­versity of Beirut in Lebanon where he learned to Scuba dive, travelled extensively in the Middle East, and became fascinated with history and different cultures.


In 1975, with a Ph.D. in marine ecology on the horizon, life took a big left turn, and he entered the world of management consulting. In 1978 he co-founded what became an international leadership and management consultancy with offices in Los Angeles, New York and London. He served as President and CEO for 23 years until the firm was sold and he retired. One of his early consulting assignments was to help build a safety culture after the Three Mile Island nuclear accident.


In 2001 he moved his family to a 13th Century chateau in the south of France where he wrote novels and enjoyed helping raise his young daughter, who is now a professional classical music and opera conductor in the US and Europe. After several years in France the family moved back to London where he spent his time as a senior advisor to global leadership teams, wrote several business books on leadership and corporate culture, and continued to write historical and eco-thriller novels. His next eco-thriller will focus on illegal industrial overfishing in the oceans.


”I took two separate fly fishing trips to the Amazon 10 years apart and was devastated by the negative impact of deforestation. Those trips and discussions with scientists, guides and local leaders are the genesis of my newest novel, DESPERATE MEASURES.

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