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In humanity's relentless drive for economic gain,

the most significant casualties are nature and the future.

When laws are ignored and governments corrupt,

what can be done to save the rainforest and the planet?


DESPERATE MEASURES is an engrossing novel for those fed up with cor­porate greenwashing, UN resolutions that fail, the continuing destruction of the Amazon rainforest and the massacre of Indigenous people. Corruption and greed are at the heart of over 10,000 acres of rainforest being burned and destroyed every day. When laws are ignored and governments corrupt, what can be done?

Join Jack Christian, Oriana, an Indigenous female lawyer, along with a group of committed activists with special talents, aka The Brain Trust, as they fight to overcome government corruption, corporate greed, and deadly cocaine syndicates. Can a small group really make a difference? See how deep fake technology, smart drones, and Indigenous tribes work together to bring about radical change.


This provocative thriller novel seeks to blend facts with a compelling fic­tional story about shutting down illegal deforestation and corruption in the Bolivian Amazon. At the same time, it is intended to provide hope and support to those currently fighting against illegal and excessive de­forestation. The story is fictional, but entirely plausible. Its message is one we cannot afford to ignore.

“Desperate Measures is hard to put down. The vast rainforest of the Amazon basin is vitally important for our survival. Desperate measures are needed to ensure its survival. This is a truly brilliant book.”   —Ben Goldsmith, Chief Executive, Menhaden Plc.

“In this fast-paced and exciting book, J R Childress tells a gripping story while exposing the dynamics of tropical deforestation. The struggle over control over the world’s tropical forests creates heroes and villains and which prevail will determine the fate of our planet.”   

—Eric Bettelheim, Conservation Entrepreneur

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